Musikteatret, Copenhagen

18th of june 2014

After a very successful performance of Rain in The Nordic House in Tórshavn we are now delighted to announce that we have been invited to perform Rain again in Copenhagen in September. We will be performing for 4 nights at the wonderful Musikteatret which is situated in the heart of Copenhagen. There will also be some special Faroese events taking  place at the theatre after each show.We will keep you posted on times an dates but until then you can get your tickets here. Feel free to join the event on Facebook for more information.

Woyzeck <3 Marie


25th MAY at 6pm and 8pm, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands:

31th MAY-1st JUNE, Oslo, Norway:

4th and 5th JUNE at 7pm, Hamar, Norway:

 12th JUNE at 8pm and 13th JUNE at 5pm, CPH:STAGE, Denmark:

 14th JUNE, Scene:bluss, Porsgrunn, Norge: 


15th of April 2013

We are happy to announce that we will be performing “Regn” again.This time in

The Faroes Islands.The Nordic House is turning 30 on the 8 th of May and several

national and international artist will be performing. We are proud to be part of

this big event.


The Nordic project Woyzeck is also kicking off again in May. We will be

extending and reworking the performance. After our premiere at The National

Theatre in Tórshavn we will be going on a Nordic tour. More details will be

available shortly


In the fall we will be spending two weeks in Kungälv in Sweden.We will be

developing our ides for our next production together with the Swedish director

Svante Grogarn. This time the working title will be The Castle, which is a play by

the British playwright Howard Barker.

Next up: "Woyzeck"

30th of may 2012

After a great succes in Ireland DFC is already preparing their third production. This time we're doing a nordic collaboration based on the play "Woyzeck" by G. Büchner. 
This production will be on the National Theatre in The Faroe Islands and the plan is to do a scandinavian tour within two years. Premier on monday 4th of june 2012.

Director: Öllegård Groundstroem (se)
Woyzeck: Kjartan Hansen (fo)
Marie: Kristina Sørensen Ougaard (fo)
The Doctor: Ida Løken (no)
The Captain: Hans Tórgarð (fo)
Sound, musician and Woyzecks friend: Trond Nedberg (no)
Musician and Soldier: Magnus Lunell (se)

Creating “Regn”

23rd of May 2012

This time our piece evolved around one specific story that has triggered our curiosity since the first time we came across it. The story deals with love, religion, sacrifice, famine and transformation.

Inspired by the surroundings in Shawbrook, we used e.g. buckets, fishnets, a ladder, old psalms and music from the 50´s mixed together with live soundscapes, music, dance and drama, and we created a visual, quirky, beautiful, poetic, disturbing universe that is one of DFC´s trademarks.

Apart from Nina Kareis as our guest collaborator, we also received help and guidance from Fidget Feet aerial dance theatre, Shawbrook and the lovely Backstage Theatre.

The piece was very well received and we look forward to stage it in other theatres as well. We will be starting our journey in The Faroes.


Longford Dance Festival

12th of May 2012

We ended our residency with a show on "Longford Dance Festival" where we presented the result of our four week's work in Shawbrook. 

Here you can see pictures from our show. 

Shawbrook, Ireland

18th of March 2012

The ensemble will meet on March 19th. This time we'll be situated at Shawbrook Dance School outside Longford, Ireland. For the next four weeks DFC together with danish director Nina Kareis Livingstone ( will work and produce our new piece. Premiere on April 13th at Backstage Theatre during Longford Dance Fest in Longford, Ireland. Keep tuned for news update.

New production

13th of March 2012 

We have started to work on our new project called "A Voyage into The Faroes 2012". We are located in Shawbrook, Ireland, where our performance will take place on the 15th of april 2012. 

More information to come...


12th of March 2012 

We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new website. Here you can read a bit about the company, watch videos and images as well as follow our work in progress.

We are still making the final adjustments to make the website even better - so stay tuned.